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International Academy of Wood Science 2018 Annual Meeting

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Habitat Suitability Models for Dodonaea viscosa in Mexico

The species under study dodonaea viscosa is a bush from semi-arid regions of mexico that prefers disturbed areas. The objective of this work is to know the suitability of habitat with the favorable conditions for the species in Mexico. For the selection of climatic variables the wordclim database was used and it was complemented with six other determining variables in the presence of the species such as: human footprint, minimum hours of sun, average hours of sun, slope, elevation and topography, a dendrogram was used to group the variables that have a higher correlation and select those that have greater importance in the ecology of D. viscosa. establishing a correlation threshold of 0.5. three different models were built to know the habitat suitability: Maxent, Random Forest and generalized linear model. The statistical analyzes were performed in R. The result of the model for the suitability of D. viscosa in México with the maxent software shows us a current map of the species is present, being found in a large part of the mexican territory, mainly in the Sierra Madre Occidental and the transverse Neo Volcanic axis. The areas of less suitability are the arid zones, the Yucatan plain; mangrove areas and tops of the neo volcanic axis, which resulted similar with the other methods employed; said prediction in the three generated maps, reflect a very similar representation between the estimated distribution according to the edaphoclimatic and vegetation conditions. The model that gave the best results was maxent with the highest value of area under the curve (auc) of 0.85 and the method with the lowest values, was the generalized linear model with an auc of 0.81.

Sonia Párez Mayorga

Miguel Ángel Macías Rodríguez


Eduardo Salcedo Pérez


Patricia Zarazúa Villaseñor


Fabio Suzart de Albuquerque


Ramón Rodríguez Macías



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