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International Academy of Wood Science 2018 Annual Meeting

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Relation of the increase of agricultural areas with the occurrence of forest fires

In the state of Jalisco, 610 forest fires were reported, most of which are related to burns related to agricultural and livestock activities. Therefore, it is important to consider the increase in these activities and their relationship with the incidence of forest fires, which could be used to define trend models. In this way, if agricultural activities are associated with the incidence of forest fires, the regulation of the use of fire in these areas would be supported, and even the implementation of training programs on alternative strategies to replace these fires would be justified. However, currently in Mexico the relationship between the increase in the area devoted to agricultural or livestock activities and the relation to the incidence of forest fires is unknown. This in the sense that, the greater the surface dedicated to these, a greater number of fires would be expected. According to the above, in this work, a spatio-temporal analysis is made to define if there is a significant relationship between agricultural and livestock areas with the incidence of forest fires. For this, we worked with Landsat satellite images and information on coverage and land use. It is concluded that the increase in the occurrence of forest fires is related to the increase in agricultural areas, where the trend models indicate a positive relationship.

Mariana Hurtado Casillas
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

José Germán Flores Garnica
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales Agrícolas y Pecuarias

Eliceo Ruíz Guzmán
Universidad de Guadalajara


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